Live Piano Music for your Wedding Day...

...Enhance the romantic atmosphere of your day with the delightful sound of a grand piano playing in the background.

You and your guests can enjoy a rich and varied selection of romantic ballads, hits from the London stage, popular standards played in a jazzy style and well-known classics.

Before the day I will contact you to discuss the playlist, so as to include some of your own special favourites in the programme. For the ceremony, your chosen pieces will need the approval of the Superintendent Registrar - I will prepare a programme that can be submitted in advance.

Each programme is prepared individually according to taste and will depend on which of the options is chosen.

If your chosen venue has a grand piano, I will ensure well in advance that its condition is up to the standard of public performance. If there is no piano, then I have my own electronic Yamaha P250 that can be set up for the day. The Yamaha is also suitable for use on a patio, a lawn or in a marquee.

On the day you will receive a 15-track CD featuring some of the pieces played during the performance.